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Field Safety Rules

  1. Engines shall not exceed 96dB while on the ground and running at full power. Decibels are measured three (3) feet above ground at a distance of ten (10) feet from the engine exhaust exit side. Multi-engine aircraft must have all engines running at full power. The club goal is to have all engines run under 93 decibels.
  2. Before starting your engine or electric motor, ensure that no one other than you is directly in front of your prop or in line with the prop arc.
  3. Transmitters may be turned on only after you have placed your Club or AMA card on the appropriately numbered slot on the “Channel Control” board. Spread Spectrum users (2.4 GHz) will place their card in the section labeled for Spread Spectrum users.
  4. Transmitters must display the correct channel number (black number on a white background) and have Red flag for Aircraft or Helicopter. Note: This rule does not apply to Spread Spectrum radios.
  5. No taxiing in the pit area, please use the Taxi way and Runway.
  6. Pilots should use the designated pilot areas while flying. No more than four (4) pilots to be flying at any given time on the main runway.
  7. Flying should be confined to the general flying area. There is no flying permitted over pits, spectator and parking areas. Helicopters and 3D flyers must stay beyond the far side of the main runway. All caution should be taken when a landing approach is being made as cars may be traveling on the field access road.
  8. If more than one (1) aircraft is in the air, a rectangular racetrack pattern should be flown to avoid midair collisions, aerobatics may be flown in the inside area of the racetrack pattern. Pilots on the flight line may agree to follow a different flight pattern or direction. Student Pilots on a buddy box with an instructor have the right of way and are allowed to choose which direction the pattern is flown; solo pilots will comply with the instructor’s requests.
  9. In case of a downed aircraft on property outside of the fenced area, you must obtain the property owners permission to search their property for your aircraft.
  10. Only AMA Chartered Club/AMA members and their spotters or guests are allowed in the pit and flight line area .
  11. Non AMA members - youths (18 years and under) and adults are only allowed in the pit area and/or on the flight line when accompanied by and supervised by a current AMA or a current Georgetown Aero Modelers Association member.

Repeated violation of any of these safety rules will result in a review of your membership eligibility by the Executive Committee and may result in the loss of your membership. The Executive Committee has final authority as to the enforcement of these rules.